How to Make Love to Your Partner More Intensely?

After having sex with the same person for years, your sex life with your partner will become a stalemate. And, it will reflect on your relationship with your partner as well. So, you will turn to watching naked girls photos to feel horny instead of your partner.

But, you should know that while watching these naked girls photos on, you will learn a few things that can surely turn your sex life around. Yes, there are some things in these photos that nobody would tell you can turn your sex life around. You just have to see and observe.

The one thing that you can do to make things even better while watching these naked girls photos is to have your partner around you. Watching these things together will help you two grow with each other and learn together. Also, you two will trust each other in a better way.

Watching these pictures together has a lot of benefits which you will not learn in this article. Instead, let’s focus on how you can make love with your partner more intensely. You can watch live porn that can make you fuck like a porn star. But, that should not be your goal.

What you see in porn is edited videography of sex. In that video, there are several cuts to make a scene look polished and perfect. Sex in real life is not like that. And, with experience, you have realized what you see in porn doesn’t happen in real-life sex.

Therefore, your goal should be to learn to be a better lover in bed and how you can make your partner feel good in bed by giving him or her the orgasms he or she deserves. Thus, in this article, let’s talk about how to make love to your partner more intensely.

Set the Scene

You should know that to have great sex, you and your partner should be completely aroused sexually. Many times you think you are aroused and you even think that your partner is aroused. But, down there, you both are dry and that will not make the experience of having sex pleasurable.

So, what you have to do is set the scene. It means creating an ambience inside your bedroom that will give erotic vibes to your partner. Things like sexy music or lights or scented candles are excellent if you want to have a great sexual exploration with each other. Therefore, learn how you can set the scene wonderfully so that you can have a great night with your partner.

Watch Porn Together

One of the most underrated things when people discuss about improving their sex life is watching porn together. Watching porn is taboo in societies and people don’t confess that they watch porn. But, you should know that watching porn together is a wonderful thing.

When you and your partner will watch porn together, you two will have a sense of intimacy that has been missing in your relationship. Also, you will be doing something that is forbidden. Therefore, there will be excitement between you and your partner. That will surely ignite the lost spark that you two had when you started to have sex with each other.

Try Different Sex Positions

One of the main reasons why you and your partner lost the spark is you both are having sex in the same position. Now, this will surely make your sex life worse. You just have to try different sex positions. This will make you and your partner anticipate different experiences during sex.

So, when you and your partner watch porn together, try to pick up some of the different sex positions that the porn stars are doing. Try to replicate the ones that you and your partner will be comfortable doing. It will surely help you two to revitalize your sex life and make it even better.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to have a great sex life with your partner, then these are some of the things that you have to try. You can rest assured by following these things, you will surely make your sex life better. So, the next time you watch naked girls photos, watch with your partner. It will help.